Energy Auditor Certification

Everblue would like to help you become an energy efficiency expert. We train commercial and residential energy efficiency professionals using specialized testing equipment including blower doors, carbon monoxide analyzers, and combustion gas testers. Our energy auditor training offers professional certification from the nation’s leading home performance organizations – the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET).

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Residential Energy Management Courses

BPI Building Science Principles
This 16-hour course is valuable for professionals who need an understanding of basic building science in order to communicate and collaborate with field technicians.

Building and Duct Air Tightness Verification
This training focuses exclusively on blower door and duct blaster concepts. Learn how to properly set up and operate this special diagnostic equipment.

BPI Building Analyst
This 40-hour course is the first step for individuals wishing to join the energy efficiency workforce. Students will learn how to conduct a home energy audit.
*Course now includes Energy Modeling and Workscope Development!

BPI Envelope Professional
This advanced course takes a deeper dive into understanding a home's thermal and pressure boundaries. This specialty counts toward BPI Accreditation.

BPI Building Analyst & Envelope Professional Combo
Save time and money with this comprehensive energy auditor training! In one week, you can acquire the knowledge and hands-on training to become eligible for both the BPI Building Analyst and BPI Envelope Professional certifications.

BPI Recertification Packages
Everblue's BPI Recertification packages are specifically geared toward BPI Building Analyst & Envelope credential holders who do NOT have 30 CEUs.

BPI Insulation and Air Sealing Technician
This 24-hour course provides the skills and techniques necessary to properly air seal and insulate a home. Students will learn the right way to caulk and flash a home.

BPI Multi-Family Building Analyst
This 16-hour course provides the fundamentals of building science and teaches students to apply those concepts to multi-family residential housing.

BPI Heating Professional
This 32-hour course covers heating system science, load & system sizing, ventilation system design & installation, and system diagnostics for heating systems.

BPI Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Professional
This 35-hour course ensures technicians have the skill and knowledge required to achieve peak energy performance for AC/heat pump systems.

This 40-hour course teaches students how to provide homeowners and home builders a detailed analysis of energy consumption and money-saving conservation strategies.
*Course now includes Combustion Safety and Workscope Development!

RESNET Probationary Rater Workshop
This workshop is perfect addition to your RESNET training. We'll provide the Quality Assurance Designee (QAD) to supervise one of your needed probationary ratings.

RESNET Rating Provider
Complete your RESNET HERS Certification with this nationwide service! We'll help you acquire your three provisional field ratings and be your quality assurance provider.

RESNET Combustion Safety
This 2-hour, online course is for individuals who became HERS Raters before 2014. These Raters have until Dec. 31, 2014 to learn the new CAZ and workscope standard.

This 18-hour course fulfills RESNET continuing education requirements. Raters must complete this training to inspect homes that are seeking an ENERGY STAR v3 rating.

Commercial Energy Management Courses

Commercial Building Energy Auditor
This 40-hour course provides students with the theoretical knowledge to become a commercial or multifamily building energy manager.

Other Construction Courses

This 10-hour, online course is intended to teach entry-level construction workers how to prevent job-related hazards on a construction site.

This 30-hour, online course covers the required steps for completing OSHA Outreach training. This course is a proven way to receive a valid OSHA 30-Hour Card.

2012 International Energy Conservation Code: Residential Provisions
Build upon your knowledge with this specialized building course! Home energy raters are encouraged to take this course to learn about building codes for new construction.

NATE Certification Training
This 8-hour course teaches students best practices for the HVAC industry, as determined by the North American Technician Excellence organization.

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