Multiple LEED AP Specialties

If I choose to take another exam, which exam should I take?

We would recommend the following combinations of LEED AP specialty credentials:

  • LEED BD&C + LEED Homes
  • LEED Homes + LEED ND

We would not recommend the LEED Interiors exam, as it is so similar in content to the LEED BD&C exam that you would be best taking the LEED BD&C exam, if you have not already.

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Do I have to take the LEED Green Associate exam?

If you are a legacy LEED AP (pass the any prior version of the exam), then you do not have to take the LEED Green Associate Exam, you can jump straight to the LEED AP Specialty exam of your choice.

How do I prepare for a LEED AP Specialty exam

First, you need to have LEED project experience in order to qualify for a LEED Specialty exam. The LEED project does not have to be in the rating system that you wish to pursue -- any LEED project will do. The experience requirement is also very loosely defined. For example, while you would ideally have been the project's LEED administrator, more realistically you might have sold or advised on Air Conditioning equipment for a LEED project or perhaps you were a sub-contractor on a LEED project (even if you have nothing to do with the building's LEED Certification).

If you can qualify, we would recommend that you take a LEED exam prep course. You may also self study for the exam, but the LEED AP Specialty exams are the toughest LEED exams yet.

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