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Everblue's training courses will not only prepare you to pass the LEED Exam, certify you as an energy auditor, or teach you about sustainability, but will likely be the best seminar experience you've ever had. Don't just take our word for it; our full-time professional instructors have received thousands of testimonials. Here is a sampling:

"I would first like to thank you for the amazing job you did with pounding that much information into an old calcified cranium! Your passion and belief is what carried and peaked my interests into understanding the "Bigger Picture" and not just a LEED exam. I thank you for that. I have been to many lectures and course classes and I have to say that your knowledge of study mixed with your passion & character made the bombardment of information enjoyable. No matter if I ever take the exam, fail or pass - I am happy with the knowledge I received and to have met you!"

- Todd Macklin
  President, Southeast Mechanical Contractors


"Greg, thanks for a great experience. I thought this was one of the best training sessions I have attended. What I like most was a combination of the way you presented the material combined with your own personal experiences and the feedback and comments/thoughts/questions of the people in the class. I liked the interaction of the class. I enjoyed speaking with and appreciate the comments from everyone who attended the class. You confirmed many of the impacts related to sewer and water issues.

This was a refresher for me, but I think in these two days I have learned what would have taken me 1-2 months otherwise. I am planning to take the exam in February 2014, yes I will actually take the exam. This is definitely going to help me get onto the project team for the design and construction of our new headquarters building which is proposed to be LEED certified. I will be contacting you in the future."

- Barry Lucas, PE, MBA


"My course through Everblue was an overall excellent learning experience for me. Now I feel more than adequately prepared to work with Solar Photovoltaics.

I was first impressed with this organization and course when I first visited your website, and my impressions were confirmed upon my first contact with an Everblue employee (Julie Garner). She was extremely informative, and pleasant to speak with. I knew at that point Everblue was the training option for me. The course I originally signed up for had to be moved from New Jersey to North Carolina, which created a minor inconvenience for me. Everblue was quick to resolve the issue by offering me a reasonable travel stipend for the extra travel expense. This thoroughly impressed me and increased my positive view of Everblue further.

The online courses were informative and thorough without being repetitive and too lengthy, which is a common problem with my experience in online courses. The in-person section of the course was the most informative and helpful experience however. John Conde, our instructor, was extremely knowledgeable and it was easy to see his passion in the PV field, which made the class even more enjoyable and informative. My favorite aspects of the course were the small class size, and the professional experience of the instructors. The class size allowed a personalized experience with the instructor, as well as giving the instructor the ability to modify the course (within reason) to cater to each student's individual needs and desires. Having an actual professional (and a successful one at that) in the industry teach the course was also beneficial, as some instructors only have theoretical knowledge, or are retired from the industry so many of their experiences are either invalid or outdated.

I cannot stress how helpful I found this course to be, and how impressed with Everblue I am. This was one of the better educational experiences I have been through in my academic and professional career, and I am thoroughly excited to enter the Solar PV Industry. I thoroughly endorse the Solar PV Contractor Course offered by Everblue, and plan to recommend it to any individuals even remotely interested in Photovoltaics. Thank you to everyone at Everblue!"

- Connor McFadden


"Class was great! Very informative and extremely helpful."

- Stephanie Hessler


Everblue Student Testimonials Kimberly Jurich LEED"I am very thankful for having had the pleasure of working with Everblue. The competitive advantage that they provided to me while studying for my LEED Green Associates Exam was unsurpassed. In the classroom, Mr. Hamra made what I initially viewed as very complex information into relatable terms that I could easily understand. This enabled me to easily pass my exam. The support didn’t end there…with the credentialing maintenance program…Everblue couldn’t have made the process easier. I was able to maintain my hard earned credentials in my spare time and I was thrilled with how easy they made the entire process."

- Kimberly Jurich
  Interiors Territory Manager, Builders Specialties, Inc.


"Our instructor Scott Hoover was very knowledgeable and handled the class in a professional / collegiate atmosphere."

- Patrick McKee
  President, AMS Inc.


"Everybody enjoyed training, and pre-course work helped greatly! We appreciate the effectiveness, quickness of the course. Thank you for all the help you have provided us!"

- Nadia Loza
  Manager, Home Energy Efficiency


"Lynn was a very patient and understanding instructor. She is very, very knowledgeable and tries to relate the materials as they apply in the program to real life situations that are easy to understand. I think the LEED program has too many government interests personally but understand that sometimes people really need to feel comfortable prior to making a commitment like the LEED program, LEED building systems."

- Robert VoVilla
  Regional Safety, Graham Construction


"Greg Hamra did a fantastic job. As someone who is required to take 80 hours of training a year, I have been through many different classes and experienced many different teaching styles and various levels of enthusiasm. Greg Hamra was far and away the best instructor I had since graduating from my Masters program in May 2012. I hope we cross paths again in the future."

- Adrian Macias


"Scott was great; our field proctor was also fantastic. Solid grasp of all concepts, and able to teach us how to apply the classroom learning to field needs. I was able to use what we learned about gas appliances in my own home when I got back after the field testing! Great job to everyone. Also, the online videos offered are really good instructional videos for anyone who hasn't had as much field experience as others. I found them to contain tips that were very useful to me in the field. Great job!"

- Casey Dare


"Interesting course. A lot of material to take in. Great teacher. Overall good experience."

- Stan Swofford
  Brunson Construction Company, Project Manager


"Great learning experience, instructor was very knowledgeable and well versed."

- Rod Emery
  Bel Aire Mechanical, Quality Control Manager


"I think Everblue exam prep courses are supreme. The instructors are fantastic and extremely knowledgeable in the topics. I also took the LEED Green Associate course and passed on my first try. I like the way the courses are structured so that you focus on what you will need for the test and not get lost in the endless amount of information out there. I would definitely recommend Everblue to any co-worker interested in pursuing LEED accreditation."

- Teresa Hildebrand
  Sustainability Manager


"I just wanted to express what a pleasure it was to have Bruce Oxendale as the proctor for our BPI class and exams. I had a diverse group for him to train, and he came extremely organized, professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. He also was willing to work over the New Years Holiday! He was very easy to work with, and I truly appreciate all he did for us this week. Everblue is always so easy to work with and we will continue to work with your company."

- Danielle Braca
  Competitive Resources, Inc., Human Resources Manager


"Great course. John's expert knowledge and industry experience were very valuable. Hands-on labs were very useful in reinforcing the classroom material. Discussions with class participants were also useful."

- Kevin Murphy
  Certified Energy Consultants


"The course was very informative and all topics were covered very well but I could not have passed the exam without the practice questions/tests. Having an instructor (Megan Moscol) that was engaged and encouraging was a big help as well."

- Jack Nyitrai
  Texas State Aquarium, Director of Maintenance


"Face to face classroom is the best experience and the instructor was very knowledgeable/professional. I took the Green Associate Exam the following Monday and passed it!"

- Roger Smith
  Enviro-logix Industries, Project Manager


"The instructor was excellent! Bruce explained the concept, applied the concept and made sure that the class understood. He took the time necessary during and out of class time to make sure that all questions were met. Can only say good things about him and I recommend him highly. A real credit to Everblue. The class was small and varied which made for interaction among the class…The audits completed through the RESNET program went very well (probably because of the knowledge of the instructor). The facility and location worked well for the program.

In addition, I would like to add that my business partner who is also a HERS Rater took the RESNET class from another company. His observation was that the class was large and [that] less than 50% of the students passed the class. Our class was small. 75% passed and the one who did not pass was 2 points shy of passing. He also has no construction/real estate experience. This would say much about the instructor. I, myself, have taught advanced college level classes and was impressed by the instructor."

- William Flory


"Hello Elias! Passed the test! Did it yesterday because I had to postpone the trip date. Tremendous experience, very intimidating and awkward, but what a relief when I passed. My heart was about to jump out! …The class handbook is super complete, almost everything in the test came from there…To be honest, the course saved me. It made the difference between passing or not..."

- Maria Fernanda Alvarado


"The Everblue training course that I took in preparation for the LEED GA exam was just the thing I needed. The instructor was well versed in the material and was able to answer any question brought up. The material provided with the course was spot on and only concentrated on the subjects most important for passing the exam. I also used the material for my study guide in the days before the test. I felt really prepared and ended up with a 92%. I would definitely recommend the Everblue courses to anyone looking to take any of the LEED certification exams. It gave me the preparation I needed. Thanks again."

- Chris Bauer, LEED Green Associate
  Peirce-Phelps, Inc.


"Great course and instructor!"

- Kevin Derwich


"I thought that the instructor did an excellent job in relation to the objective, which was LEED exam prep."

- John Hall


"As the Director of A&D, North America, I am constantly challenged to bring new and innovative educational material to our design partners. This is a difficult task, as time and resources do not come easy.

Humanscale LogoHumanscale was looking to get our sales people more involved in understanding LEED, so we decided to pursue LEED GA accreditation for a number of our people. We had a hard time finding a program to follow, and as a result, our pass ratio was quite low, and certainly not doing much to build our sales people's confidence. After meeting with Joan Mahon, we decided to partner with Everblue to train our people and our clients. We couldn't be happier with that decision, as Joan and her team are reliable, responsive and very professional. We've had a number of training sessions in our showrooms and we are ecstatic over the quality of client coming in to attend the training. High end decision makers from major firms are sitting next to our people learning material for LEED GA! Not only are we receiving quality training, but we are meeting some very influential decision makers as well! We couldn't be happier with our partnership with Everblue, and look forward to many more of their training sessions."

- Jon Strassner
  Humanscale, Director of A&D


"The Everblue course material is plentiful, detailed and easy to follow. The facility selected for the class was comfortable and conducive for this type of meeting. There was a tremendous volume of information provided to this class in a short period of time. Each class member agreed that under most circumstances, focus and attention in this type of class would be difficult to maintain without proper instruction.

I would like to recognize and extend a special thank you to Ryan Bennett. Ryan did an outstanding job of presenting the material; he kept class members engaged and alert. The overall success of this class can, in the most part, be attributed to Ryan Bennett for his character, personality and instruction style.

I applaud Ryan Bennett" 

- Ross Richards, Facilities Management Director
  Sarpy County Nebraska


"I took my LEED Green Associate exam yesterday and passed. I know that I would not have been able to pass the exam without my classroom training provided by Everblue. The e-instructor, Jim Boley was top notch and kept the information flowing without becoming boring. I would highly recommend the LEED Green Associate Prep Class for anyone interested in pursuing the credential." 

- William Korb, 08/09/12


"The course was fun, the instructor was fantastic and the "bits 
and pieces" about HVACs, lighting, watts and kilowatts, that I've 
learned at other trainings in the past three years, all came together during this course. The topics covered is what I've been asking for
since 2009 when I started working here at the Energy Office. The course manual now has a special place on my desk and have removed the other "bits and pieces" that took up too much space." 

- Malelega Tuiolosega
  American Samoa Territorial Energy Office


"I recently took the LEED GA class in Boston, MA offered by Everblue and taught by James Boley. The class was extremely informative and succinct; focused on the most pertinent material. James is a very knowledgeable and personable instructor and it was a pleasure to be in his class. Through a combination of James' instruction and Everblue Study materials, I was able to pass the LEED GA w/ a 191. Without James Boley and Everblue, this would not have been at all possible. Thanks again for all the assistance. Keep up the great work!!" 

- Christopher A Mullen, LEED AP, JD, MS, 12/15/11


"Truly I never provide any comments or feedback on training classes. But I have to say it was a great pleasure to attend your class. The real world stories scattered into the material provided a reality check to why I was actually at the class in the first place. While the subject matter was compelling, it was very clear you are passionate about the subject and that passion kept my attention and engagement throughout the two day class. I felt you delivered the material perfectly and I have not stopped talking about the class since I left to just about anyone that will give me an ear on the subject. Includes colleagues at work, as well as family and friends. Reuse is much more in the front of my mind, in fact I had the kiddos coloring on the paper grocery bags last night.

I am very excited about the upcoming LEEP AP class I have scheduled with Everblue in December." 

- Anthony Campbell, PMP, Division Manager


"Thank you Everblue for having a great prep course and instructor! I took the LEED Green Associate course in Chicago with James. He was spot on with the information he gave us, and the practice questions and tests were very effective. I do not think I could have passed without the class. Thanks James!!!" 

- Carla Conway, 11/10/11


"I would like to thank you for sending Phil and John to teach building analyst. I learned more than I could expect. You could tell they are both very passionate about what they teach, that helped to get myself to get into the class and become just as passionate. I'm looking forward to taking more classes with these instructors.

Thank you." 

- Jeff Elsasser, 05/29/11


"I was part of the webinar that concluded on 5-11-11. I took and passed my GA exam yesterday on the 1st try. Although the wording in the exam is much different than I expected, I could never have even imagined passing this exam without the Everblue course.


- Pete Carpenter, 05/17/11



Last week I took the Building Analyst and Envelope Professional training, taught by John Costello.

I wanted to let you know that I thought John was a very effective instructor, teaching the information without simply reading the power point verbatim as some instructors do.

He was very organized and knew how to keep the class focused and on track. Individuals telling “war stories” can easily eat into valuable teaching time and he managed that very well.

I appreciated the fact that he always made himself available during breaks for individual questions or help. For an instructor that has taught this weeklong class many times, there is the chance for that to become boring for the instructor, and hence the students pick up on that. John doesn’t convey the feeling that teaching this repeatedly, is boring for him.

I enjoyed taking this training from Everblue and will recommend it to others interested in becoming an energy auditor." 

- Mark Galbraith, 04/13/11


"Thanks to you I passed the exam last Friday!!! I wrote to Katie and called John to thank them. There is No Way I could have wrapped my head around this material without your incredible preparation. That spreadsheet is amazing. I appreciate all the work that went into your books, cards, class, and practice exams.
All the best!" 

- Annie Kavanagh, 03/28/11


"I passed the LEED Green Associate test with a score of 193. Without Everblue I doubt that I would have passed. I took the class at Hofstra University in Long Island, NY, our Instructor Joan Mahon was wonderful. With the combination of the live course, reference material and the practice tests I was really prepared for any questions they would give. Thanks again Joan." 

- Joseph Marino, Manager Facilities Engineering, 03/22/11


"I passed my LEED Green Associate exam yesterday - thanks to Everblue’s class, study material and practice questions (I got a score of 193!). There was a lot of material to cover and Steve Alfaro did a wonderful job presenting it - in a very understandable way, giving us excellent tips and recommendations. Thank you Katie for being so nice and patient with me and my questions over the phone. You and Julie made the process of GBCI registering and exam scheduling, answering my questions and setting up all the practice questions a pleasant experience. I probably sound like I just won an Oscar - I would like to thank everyone who made this possible.
I told my Career Advisor how much I appreciated her getting me into this Everblue class."

- Elizabeth Kemph, 02/02/11


"Just thought I would let you know how good a tester Bruce Oxendale was this last weekend. I have been in the Building Industry since 1978 when I was discharged from the Marine Corps. This Industry needs more people like Bruce who have the experience, personality and patience to teach techniques to deal with the ever changing world of energy conservation, safety and economic benefits to our customers. I am really glad I took this course after my LEED program because I think it is a more realistic program for people who have been around for awhile and need to keep up with the changes in the industry. Have a great day. " 

- Jim Zimmerman, 01/31/11



Thanks to you. The delivery of the content for the test preparation was superb. However, the awareness you created in some of us regarding the disconnect between our current habits and the impact to our world and environment, created a more profound and lasting impact. Your real life personal stories shared with us will certainly modify some behaviors for good.

I am already scheduled for the test on February 23rd at 11:30 a.m." 

- Francisco Velasco, 01/30/11


"Good afternoon, I just wanted to share with you that this past Saturday, I took and passed the LEED GA exam. I attended to your class in Boston the past 6th and 7th of December, and I am very impressed with your knowledge about sustainability.
I am also very impressed with Everblue LEED GA curriculum, the sheets, the book and practice tests. Every detail is explained very well. Even for me that English is my second language.

Thanks for helping me become a LEED certified......... just kidding, LEED GA accredited professional." 

- Nicolas Martinez, 01/18/11


"I wanted to share my great experience with the BPI Analyst Certification class I recently attended in Waltham, MA. The class was well organized, well run, and lead by what should be considered leaders in their field. Alex and Phil were very personable, respectful, and helpful throughout the certification experience. I would freely recommend them, and Everblue for individuals seeking a program with solid support and results." 

- Michael Trudeau, 11/09/10


"I recently took the live class for the LEED GA exam prep with James Boley, in Chicago. James made the class clear, smart, interesting, focused and friendly. He gave us all kind of helpful information to pass the test.

After a few days of studying, I took the test today and passed with 183/200, in the first try.

Thank you very much Everblue!" 

- Linette Yaniselly, 08/05/10


"Just took the class last week with Phil in San Antonio Tx for the BPI Energy Auditor certification. Phil made the class very informative yet very casual. I enjoyed the class and learned much more than I expected. I will use skills taught by Phil in my Green building/Energy Auditing career." 

- David McCord, BPI Auditor/Designer, 07/15/10


"I completed the webinar for LEED Green Associate back in March, 2010. The overall content of the course was very good and right on target with respect to the methodology of the test. After working for a few days on the study pack and also the question pack for the LEED AP BD&C content I was able to pass the 2 parts of the exam today.

I feel very comfortable and familiar with the test. That helped a lot.

I will certainly be back to this site for my Continued Education hours.


- Miguel Orejuela, 04/13/10


"I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful classroom and field experience provided by Vince.

It was a beneficial experience and the results prove it. I am telling everyone Everblue is the choice for education.

Please ensure Vince and his superiors have the opportunity to read this message. Thank you," 

- Jerry Gentile, Assessor, 03/17/10


"This class was well attended (30 participants) and I hope we all have sponges for brains because Greg Hamra is very knowledgeable and passing would be easy if we had his knowledge. Since we do not, I can at least attest to the fact that he made learning fun and taking the exam will not be as difficult as I thought prior to taking the course." 

- Jorge A. Briones, Jr., 01/19/10


"My experience with this 2 day class with Greg Hamra was fantastic. Greg did a commendable job going over the material and showing his dedication to helping the environment. I give Greg an A+ for his effort." 

- Phil Stickney, 01/19/10


"I just attended the class in Denver, December 7-8 at the University of Denver. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that the instructor Joan, has a true gift. She is passionate about the subject matter and know intimately. Teaching is a talent, one that is difficult at best, AND teaching adults who are working managers and have some knowledge of the subject matter - AND keeping those adults on task, moving forward is nothing short of miraculous. I've done some adult teaching in my life, and it's much harder than teaching children. I found Joan to be pleasant, professional and an incredible instructor, and it's very apparent that she loves what she is doing and selling. I wanted you to hear that and hope this makes it's way to a person who has the ability to see that she is compensated for this amazing work. I went into this class with a 'let's get through this' attitude, but am now renewed with a more concerned about my environment attitude. I hope that if I get another opportunity to take any additional classes with your organization, I am lucky enough to have her teaching it.

Best regards," 

- Lori Mitchell, 12/12/09


"I just want to take a moment to say how I enjoyed the webinar presented by Mr. Greg Hamra. He definitely has the gift of teaching!  The whole system was so organized, very easy to use (both audio and video) and most importantly, the course contents are so comprehensive that I found everything I needed to pass my exam and span your knowledge about sustainability and green architecture. I look forward to take LEED AP classes as well in the near future. Thank you Everblue for the incredible job!" 

- Golnaz Mozafari, 11/9/2009


"Most knowledgeable instructor I have had in a long time. You cut out the extras, presented the important test info, gave us real tools to use, and are knowledgeable enough to handle all questions without getting thrown off. In fact, we had 4 employees take your course, immediately schedule our exams, and pass to become LEED APs within 2 ½ weeks." 

- Danna Seigle, LEED AP
  McMichael's Construction Co., Inc.


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